that amyy girl.

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"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."

- Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine (via dirtyhornyunicorn)

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It’s been a rough day. #Shredded
November 11th and it’s still warm and colorful out…I’m loving this. #Autumn #Reds
Figuring out classes for next semester is killing me - time for a break. #Books #Caffeine #Essentials
I’d say the 970 house’s record wall is coming together nicely. đź‘Ś
hiking treasures.




best line in animated history.

Oh PIXAR the older I get the more I love you

this is why we are the way we are

literally one of my most favoritest movie moments of all time. ever.

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"love me when i get there"

a series about the anxiety that comes with being in a long distance relationship (35mm black and white prints, sepia and selenium toned negatives treated with bleach)

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that girl.

it’s a strange feeling, that one where you see old pictures of yourself.

i see that bad hairstyle and the bright neon sweater and the boy with his arm around my shoulder, his other hand on the wheel. i remember all of it. the radio was up loud, the windows rolled down, taking me somewhere neither of us wanted to go…but it’s not like we had a choice. it was getting dark, and i had to leave. it was our reality but we were pretending that it would be easier this time. the flash went off - a little too bright, and i had to smile for a second pic because my eyes were closed for the first one.

i see that smile now and it was awkward, but it was a happy one. it was before everything else. i think about all these things. but mostly i think about that girl, the one in the photo with the awkward smile. she’s just someone i used to be.